NEWS: FireFly flight cancellation affect Sarawak Tourism

In The Star reports, FireFly flights between Peninsular and Sarawak has 70% flight load which is quite a big volume for air travel. With FireFly cancelling flights, this will impact the air transport which is the only way to travel between West and East Malaysia.

“Yes, it is about 70%. If it cancels all its flights, it will have a big impact on Sarawak’s domestic tourism growth of 12% this year.”

In terms of arrivals, it has been a good year for the industry after a brief slump last year. Non-Malaysian arrivals increased by more than 20%.

“The latest news has made me very concerned,” said Rashid when asked about Firefly’s cancellation of its Kuching-Johor Baru flights from Sept 16.

Today on Malaysia Day, FireFly has stopped Kuching to Johor Bahru flights and soon they will also stop Kuala Lumpur to Kuching flights.

FireFly has confirmed that there won’t be any KL to Kuching flights after 30th October. Do you know anyone who bought their KL to Kuching flights on FireFly? Please share with your friends so that they can make necessary changes to their travel plans before it is too late. Many had caught unawares about their flight cancellation and this can be seen on their Facebook wall. We don’t have to remind you how much a plane ticket will cost if you buy just a week before the dateline.

We post the comment here for safekeeping as FireFly is busy deleting comments to protect their image instead of helping passengers answer questions on flights.

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