This is an online movement to demand fair solution from FireFly.

As you probably heard in the news, FireFly is slowly cancelling its Boeing 737 flights. FireFly management has yet to make a formal announcement but it has been confirmed that routes are slowly being cancelled in the last minute. A check on FireFly facebook page reveal that many passengers were disappointed over such last minute cancellation with no proper solution.

From the looks of it, FireFly is only refunding back the money without offering replacement flights on other airlines. For those that recalled earlier, FireFly offer low fares as low as RM9 for their new routes Johor Bahru to Kuching, KLIA to Kuching, KLIA to Sibu and KLIA to Kota Kinabalu. If you’re being told that you can’t fly in less than 2 weeks, a flight ticket on other airlines would have cost you a bomb. What’s the point of getting the low fare refund when it is impossible to get another ticket at the same price?

This movement aims to pressure FireFly management to:

  1. Come clean with their operations and cancellation of routes
  2. Inform all affected passengers on Boeing 737 flights
  3. Cease all ticket sales of FireFly flights which are of high risk of being discountinued
  4. For those affected in the short period of time, FireFly should offer replacement tickets on alternative airlines. As a community airline, FireFly should absorb all inconvenience and loss faced by its consumer.

How you can help?
Please spread the word on the FireFly crisis and if you have friends who have booked, please get them to read this site immediately. Share it by email, tweet it or post it on Facebook!

You’ve booked a FireFly B737 Flight, what can you do?

  1. Demand an answer on their Facebook wall, you don’t need to like the page to comment.
  2. Call their customer careline +603 7845 4543 and demand for answers
  3. If your trip is very important and your FireFly fare is a cheap one, do consider booking an alternative air ticket on Malaysia Airlines, MAS Wings or AirAsia. The longer you wait, you risk paying more for your ticket.


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