FireFly deletes Fan comments and ban customers

FireFly – Your Community Airline is something most customers would look up to. Being a community airline means they are different from other airlines that tries hard at cutting corners without looking into your personal needs and attention.

Guess what? FireFly Facebook page has started deleting facebook comments and even resorts to deleting users that question on their flight cancellation. If you know social networking, FireFly action of deleting or banning users is considered cardinal sin.

If FireFly is unable to address issues raised on their Facebook page, they better shut the page down. Deleting comments will only make it worse. Is Mr. Eddy Leong Chin Tung, the Managing Director aware of such mishandling of customer complaints on Social Media?

Remember, customers are king and they are actual PAYING passengers. Is this how you treat customers?

Show your support. LIKE us on FB. FireFly Malaysia Passengers Deserves Better!

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